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XL Presents distributes and promotes innovative and cutting-edge products and services in the corporate and consumer markets.

XL Presents also provides strategic and marketing advisory services to companies and corporate executives on entering the Chinese markets.

  "Wal-Mart must decide which tier of service it will provide in China, as China is not as homogenous as the U.S.".  On Wal-Mart's Global Challenge, Dr. Li was quoted by Retail Merchandiser, a monthly trade magazine published by VNU Business Media.

   We have been invited to present at the 2004 Global Business Conference, Stern School of Business, New York University.  Conference Agenda (PDF), and Our PowerPoint Presentation (PDF).

  XL Enterprises is pleased to announce the partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the business information arm of The Economist Group, and a leading provider of country, industry and management analysis.  Our joint mission is to provide corporations and business executives with timely and reliable analysis on China for making strategic and insightful decisions. 


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